Burn Out– It’s All Too Real This Year

If you are a college student right now, you are most likely taking many of your courses online, final exams are approaching, you are buckling under pressure, and eventually (if you haven’t already) you’re going to feel that all too familiar feeling being a student– burn out.

This year’s burnout feels different than in previous years. One, because we’re in a pandemic and there’s not that same interaction you get amongst your other college peers to really discuss and feel what each other are describing as near-end semester burnout. Two, again, because we’re in a pandemic–for over a year now– and by now, everyone’s fed up with the situation, itching to break social distancing and curb that spring/early summer fever. But lucky for you, over a year later, some of our favorite pastimes have re-emerged since the gradual reopenings of our cities, counties and towns. So if you ever feel burnt out, no matter how busy you are, take some time out of your hectic schedule to do the activities you always think you don’t have time to do! And if you want to pursue a new favorite pastime activity, look no further than this blog post because I’d be more than happy to share some with you.

Bookstore Browsing

This was one of my favorite pastimes before COVID hit, and something I was longing for right around this time last year.

Whether it’s at Barnes & Noble or your local independent bookstore, it’s always cool to just stop by and browse several collections of books. Now of course you can do this at a library too, but it’s different. Bookstores have a certain ambiance to them that libraries don’t and give me more of a relaxing feeling as my eyes gaze at the spines and covers of books with a soft tone of music playing around the store. Opposed to the library where there’s this tense feeling of silence and making sure you whisper when you talk, bookstores feel like paradise. Best of all, if you are really drawn to a book, you can keep it forever! To me, it’s almost as if that moment in time is carried with you once you purchase that book. I can certainly remember every moment and periods of time that I’ve bought books.

Here’s a book I purchased recently at a local store:

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo– it’s exactly what you think it is– a guide to life

You won’t regret dropping $17 on this life-altering piece of brain food!

 Stopping at Your Favorite Local Restaurant/Cafe: 

I’m a huge foodie and I try to grab a bite any time I’m out and about. I usually try to stop at local, small-business takeout restaurants as opposed to national chains like McDonalds– (although I don’t mind an occasional Shamrock Shake during March). It always feels good stopping at local places and supporting neighborhood businesses and knowing that I’m getting a quality product at places I’m familiar with. It also helps to broaden your palate and try new things, so don’t afraid to go restaurant-hopping to relieve your burnout!

Here are a few of my favorite places (located in New York City) to wind down and chow down:

Allan’s Bakery (Brooklyn) — Specializes in a variety of Caribbean baked goods and quite frankly, has THE BEST currant rolls in New York.

One time I got a nice “behind the scenes” look at the back of Allan’s and captured shots of trays with batches of hot fresh currant rolls — really nice of the owners for that!

Errol’s Caribbean Bakery (Brooklyn)– Also specializes in Caribbean baked goods, but unlike Allan’s, sells Jamaican Patties (Beef, Chicken, and Veggie). This is my go-to spot for patties!

Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop (Brooklyn)– Moe’s is super underrated! Definitely should be more well known for its inexpensive and quite tasty variety of doughnuts. If you ever venture out to Northern Brooklyn dor donuts, make Moe’s your first stop, and definitely try their two-dollar pistachio donut. This particular donut is my favorite from their collection, and one of the most expensive. Yea, one of their most expensive. Cheap doesn’t always mean good quality, but for every one of Moe’s donuts, you can leave that saying at the door once you enter their storefront


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Dough (Brooklyn)

Dough is another doughnut shop I admire, just like Moe’s but has a larger product, and is a bit more on the expensive side. I went to their new Brooklyn location the other day (unfortunately I was too greedy and dead-set to take photos) and I spent $18 on a set of four donuts. That’s $4.50 per doughnut, but if you are satisfied with the flavor and quality content of Dough, then I guess it’s worth it. However, Moe’s still takes the dough for the best doughnuts in Kings County.


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La Bagel Delight (various locations in Brooklyn)– Your typical New York bagel shop! Egg bagels are my go-to at any bagel store, but the one I had at La Bagel’s Park Slope location was the best bagel I’ve had in a while! (I haven’t gotten a chance to chow down on bagels that often since the pandemic began, so maybe that was a contributing factor). I can’t recommend a specific cream cheese to go with your bagel, but strawberry is one that is always delightful!

As I said, you should always venture out of your comfort zone and find new places that will expand the knowledge of those specks on our tongues we call taste buds! I’ll go more in-depth with restaurant hopping at new places I have in mind in a future post.

A Walk in the Park

After you fill your belly with all those calories from restaurant hopping, wander around a nearby park that’s relaxing enough to the point where you get lost in your thoughts and the trails surrounding you– but not too lost to the point where can’t retrace your steps. For this, I would stick to your comfort zone and choose an area you are familiar with, and you know you’ll feel good being in a place that you can put your mind at ease. Feel free to bring a book and find a nook in the park to read. Or, if haven’t already, start munching down on your food from the different places you’ve visited throughout the day and listen to a good podcast.


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